We Are Camp Alter Ego

Latin meaning ‘Other Self’ -A second self, distinct from a person’s normal or original personality.

Our Mission Statement

Camp Alter Ego wants to create experiences through art that challenge and expand one’s sense of self.

Who We Are

We are a group of friends who have attended BM for the last several years and want to take the next step in contributing to BRC.  We are architects, artists, & musicians.

​In a world filled with Selfies, knowing one’s self can be difficult.

Many who experience Black Rock City, feel the dichotomy between who they are when inside the Burning Man Community and the lives they live outside its boundary.  The concept of ‘default world’ vs. BRC is proof that Alter Egos emerge when confronted with the phenomenon of Burning Man.  Playa names exist as a response to reconcile that dichotomy.

For some, this ‘Second Self’ is who they are in BRC.  It’s a chance to escape their primary self.  For others, the default world is their alter ego and BRC is where their primary self emerges.  For the lucky, those selves blend and are expressed in both worlds.

 The BM 10 principles brilliantly create an environment where one’s awareness of ‘self’ & the ‘world’ is deepened.  Radical self-expression combined with Radical Inclusion give people the context & to explore their sense of self.

Camp Leads


Boy Scout

Tiny Dancer

Dusty Nuts

Camp With Us

Reach out to: hello@alteregocamp.com and lets chat.